RSWA is Comprised of 2 Major Segments

Solid Waste Disposal Contract

In June of 1999, RSWA contracted for the long term disposal of solid waste generated within its member cities through the Agreement for Transfer and Disposal Services between the Regional Solid Waste Association and EDCO Disposal Corporation (EDCO).  The disposal fee savings are passed on to the six member cities.  The City of Escondido, as a contract member for Household Hazardous Waste programs, does not participate in the solid waste aspects of the JPA or the RSWA disposal fee savings.


With 250,000 tons of trash from the member cities, RSWA was able to negotiate a long term (20 year) disposal contract with EDCO, which provides long term stable rates.  With the disposal contract established, RSWA then turned its sights on providing a flexible and dynamic Household Hazardous Waste program to its member agencies.


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program

RSWA provides a multifaceted HHW program through a contract with EDCO, which contracts with Stericycle Environmental Solutions for the disposal or recycling of all elements of HHW.  Citizens of the member cities as well as contract cities can utilize either of the two permanent hazardous waste collection and recycling facilities located in the cities of Poway and Vista, call for door-to-door pick-up as well as contract for a special collection event.  In 2008 RSWA made arrangements with Stericycle Environmental Solutions to utilize E-World Recyclers, located in the City of Vista, for the electronic waste recycling portion of the HHW program.

Member Cities for purpose of HHW include

Del Mar
National City
Solana Beach


Contract Cities

San Marcos